HKOI 2011 final event

HKOI 2011 final event

This year, my school has 2 contestant got into the final event, 1 in the senior group and 1 in the junior group. I’m the contestant of the senior group. This year’s paper is much easier than before, but due to an integer overflow bug in program 3, I may not get full marks again.

In the afternoon, I went to Golden Beach. I saw that some workers were setting up the venue for tomorrow’s swimming race. I didn’t join that race this year because swimming is not my strength.

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  1. Hi Michael!

    I am Lee Sai Kit, the other contestant of our school.

    i have finished three programs, including program 0, but i do not know if they are correct.

    I hope i can get a good result…

    PS.How can I contact you? Do you have MSN or email?

  2. Hi! (I hope you recognize me)
    I am very lucky to be junior this year again~ But the questions are more difficult than last years’. I am afraid that I will miss the gold again.

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