Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: the end

Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: the end

August 13th to 14th: the end of the trip

The trip finally came to the end. I took number 22 bus from Riga to the airport, then took an Aeroflot Russian Airlines plane back to Moscow.

Riga Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic region, but I only see it as a medium-sized airport. I only see narrow-body airliners. The vast majority of the aircraft inside are on domestic lines, and only the two gates in the farthest are used for international lines. And I am taking the international line, so I need to go to the farthest side for border inspection.

Riga is the hub of Baltic Airlines, a state-owned low-cost airline in Latvia, and recently opened a route as far as Almaty.

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I took an Aeroflot flight from Riga to Moscow and a China Southern Airlines flight from Moscow to Guangzhou. The baggage could be checked through to the end. However, only the first boarding pass was obtained in Riga. After arriving in Moscow, I got the boarding pass for China Southern at the transfer counter. There are two flights per day from Moscow to Guangzhou. The Aeroflot Russian Airlines flight took off from terminal F, while the China Southern Airlines flight took off from terminal D. Therefore, I only needed to stay in terminal D to transfer.

The aeroplane food of China Southern Airlines was much better than that of Russian Airlines.

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The flight was an overnight flight. I finally returned to Guangzhou on the morning of August 14, transferred to metro and conventional speed train to return to Shenzhen and Hong Kong to end the trip.
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