Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: departure

Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: departure

July 23-24: Departure

Because I need to fly to the west, in order to avoid getting up early on the day of flight, causing difficulty to adapt to the time difference, I went to a hostel in Guangzhou one night before, and I tried to delay sleeping and getting up so that when I reach the destination I could directly match the local timetable.

I departed on the evening of July 23, entered mainland China from Hong Kong via Huanggang Port, and then took the Shenzhen Metro to Shenzhen East Station.

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Then took the conventional speed train to Guangzhou and ordered a bowl of noodles at the restaurant of the train station.
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After a night at the hostel in downtown Guangzhou, I went to the airport to take the aeroplane. The new terminal building of Guangzhou Airport No. 2 has just been opened, and its design is almost the same as that of Hong Kong Airport.

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The plane I took was Aeroflot Russian Airlines SU221. It was scheduled to take off at 11:10 and arrive at SVO at 16:20. However, because of the thunderstorm in Guangzhou that day, the airport runway was congested. The final flight was delayed for 40 minutes, arriving at 17:00. I had to transfer to the SU1006 flight that took off at 18:30. The minimum transit time at SVO from terminal F international flight to the terminal D domestic flight was 90 minutes, making the time very urgent. From international to domestic, luggage could not be sent directly to the destination, need to be taken out and re-shipped in SVO. I needed to enter the Russian territory at SVO. I showed the boarding pass to the airline staff to ask to jump the queue. After I retrieved the baggage, I immediately ran from terminal F to the domestic part at the end of terminal D and re-checked the baggage. When I reached the gate, the flight had started to board.

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This domestic line aircraft needed to fly over the foreign Lithuanian airspace. The following is a photo of the Lithuanian and Russian border river.
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The Curonian Spit could be seen before the plane landed.
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Kaliningrad is a dual-use airport for military and civilian use, and many small aircraft were parked.
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The airport had recently expanded in response to the World Cup, the banner of the World Cup was immediately seen after getting off the place.
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The thing not lacking in the airport is the ATMs, which are available for all banks.
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I took the 244э bus to the city centre, and immediately saw a mobile phone shop advertisement with a big communist sign.
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Arrived at the city centre, I saw that the area was quite westernized.
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