Baltic Way 30th anniversary

Baltic Way 30th anniversary

30 years ago, when Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were still under Soviet occupation considered illegal by their people, people formed a chain with their hands all the way from Vilnius to Tallinn to demonstrate their unity and solidarity for the hope of independence. The images of the human chain, known as the Baltic Way, shocked the whole world. One year after that, Lithuania became free and independent, soon afterwards were Latvia and Estonia as well.

The 3 countries, known as the Baltic States, are all now members of the free EU, with a high level of freedom and well developed as well.

Now the free world is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, to commemorate the events in 1989 which eventually led to freedom in the Eastern Bloc, not only in Vilnius, but also in Hong Kong as well, which was traditionally a city state of the free British Empire, but fell into Chinese communists’ hand in 1997 by a treaty, which “guaranteed Hong Kong not to change within 50 years”. 22 years after that, most of the freedom left from the British days has already been eroded, police brutality has been seen, extrajuridicial punishment has been reported, selective police enforcement is commonplace, and the government no longer responds to citizens’ demand. The Communist central government is making up biased or even fake news about Hong Kong to be broadcast, the propaganda machine is flooding Twitter. Therefore, we Hong Kong citizens, currently with our demands not satisfied, is creating a Hong Kong Way, like what Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians did 30 years ago, to commemorate their fight for freedom, and also hope that we can get attention from the world like 30 years ago, and the eventual freedom like them.

I have to been all three Baltic countries in these 2 years, and I really sympathize their situation 30 years ago. Now, we Hong Kong is experiencing similar situation as well, so I have to put my action to support Hong Kong, and also Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well. We formed a chain of people in the city along the 3 main metro lines at 8 pm and dispersed at 9 pm.

This is a news article by Hong Kong Free Press., and people brought Lithuania and Latvia flags to support. Let’s hope we will have a future like Estonia!

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