Hong Kong Law Society swimming team will do an English Channel relay challenge this July.

Hong Kong Law Society swimming team will do an English Channel relay challenge this July.

3 HKU alumni lawyers Eliza Chang, Allan Che and Eugene Wong will form a relay team to swim the English Channel this July, named “The Rule of Law Swimming Marathon”. They are planning to become the first ever Hong Kong relay team to cross the channel.

They have been preparing for this challenge in the past 18 months, with the initial idea of a 6-person relay, 3 lawyers from Hong Kong and 3 lawyers from Guangdong. However the Guangdong team members dropped out due to coronavirus outbreak and other unforeseen circumstances and they have ended up as a 3-person relay from Hong Kong to become the first Hong Kong relay team.

All 3 swimmers have participated in Cold Half this year in form of 2-person relay in the Law Society teams. Unfortunately I don’t know them well personally yet.

They have submitted the official application to the CSA in March for a July attempt. They train regularly at Repulse Bay. Now they are in the final stage of preparation, doing up to 13 km of swim training in a day, and night training as well.

They are doing this challenge to promote the rule of law and sportsmanship, and also a fundraising event to support Splash Foundation. They have set up a crowdfunding page to accept donations.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has not been over yet, it is still unknown whether this challenge can go ahead on time in July or need to be postponed. Along with the solo attempt by Chun Kong Mak in October, I really hope that they can make the history for Hongkongers to swim across the English Channel in 2020, setting the precedent for future challengers from Hong Kong to follow, and to promote the sport of marathon swimming in Hong Kong.

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