The countdown is on

The countdown is on

Hongkongers are going to make history in the English Channel soon. In a few days’ time, there will be a solo and a relay team attempting to swim the 33-km crossing from England to France.

Chun Kong Mak will likely depart tomorrow on a spring tide, weather permitting. He will attempt to become the first Hongkonger to swim the English Channel solo. He is a very accomplished open water swimmer. He raced a lot of marathon swimming races in Czechia. He also did a relay to cross Loch Ness in Born To Swim Team. Moreover, he has done 2 ice miles as well, one in 2019 and one in this year. He is running a crowdfunding campaign now, you can support him in the page.

In the neap tide immediately following, the relay team from Law Society, Eliza Chang, Eugene Wong and Allen Che, will attempt to become the first Hong Kong relay team to swim the English Channel. They are all good swimmers who served as team captains in the HKU swimming team. They also did a relay to swim the Qiongzhou Strait as well. They are doing this challenge to raise funds for Splash Foundation, a charity in Hong Kong to provide swimming lessons to domestic workers and underprivileged children who never had a chance to learn to swim back in their home country. You can also support them in the crowdfunding page as well.

Let’s hope that the weather can be nice for the crossings, and hope that they can make history for Hong Kong!

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