Emigrating to the UK: introduction

Emigrating to the UK: introduction

I took a one-way flight from Hong Kong to the UK to start a new chapter of life. Starting from this post, I will write about my emigration progress. As mentioned before, my original intention of this trip was to do a working holiday in Europe departing in winter / spring 2021, such that I can have a better environment for me to develop my orienteering skills, to become a world-class sportsman.

As the working holiday was a once-of-a-lifetime chance, I had thought something fun to do, and would be a great fit while on a working holiday. I didn’t know what was wrong with me at that point, but the idea of swimming from England to France popped up in my head that it would be fun and romantic, and I fit a schedule to train myself to do that in the orienteering event calendars.

However, in 2020, the global pandemic destroyed all races in the year, and races were postponed. However, my Channel slot in 2021 couldn’t be postponed. And due to a breach of Sino-British Joint Declaration, the UK offered an emigration pathway to BN(O) Citizens. As I wanted to emigrate to Europe, I signed up for the offering, and redeemed an award ticket on 20th April 2021 from Hong Kong to London Heathrow.

I will cover all the aspects needed for emigration in my upcoming posts, from visa application and finanicial consideration, to actually finding a home and a job.

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