End of 2012

End of 2012

Year 2012 has nearly come to the end and the end-of-the-world myth is proven to be a hoax as time passed. I have achieved most of my expectations in this year, among them the most important one is getting good grades in my A-levels and entering one of the most reputable universities in Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong to study a course I like. Another one is getting prizes in both IOI and ACM/ICPC.

Apart from academics, I’ve also learnt a new sport: orienteering. Although my performance is far from elites, I will still continue joining competitions and try to improve my skills. I and Sherman participated in the scout regatta this year, and got the third at last. However, not being able to finish the expedition in May due to bad weather was a pity to me. I hope I can finally overcome the difficulties and get the badge next year.

Near the end of this year, I joined a coxswain mate course by East Kowloon Region, and will continue the progress over the New Year. After I get the coxswain mate badge and the scouts in my group get the boatman badge, we can have some standard boat activities (e.g. sea trips, sea camps) and join the standard boat events of the scout regatta next year.

In university, I am planning to join the committee of the bridge club next year. I didn’t apply for a hall place though, and won’t do so in the near future. In the first two years of university, I plan to get the most out of the activities and competitions provided, and prepare my career, try hall life and perhaps go for an exchange in the last two years.

My vision for 2013 is to enhance my leadership, become more active in sports, and get more involved in the IT/business field. My major expectation next year is probably getting the venture award done, and begin the process transiting from a member to a leader.

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