End of year 1

End of year 1

The second term of my first year in university has just ended, with all the exams finished. I hope that I can good grades in the exams. In the coming few months, I will do many things:

  1. Case competition (May – June)
  2. CS summer workshops (June)
  3. ACM-HK Local Programming Contest (June)
  4. HK Scout Youth Forum (July)
  5. HKSOC Orienteering Team Training (July – March)
  6. Venture Council
  7. Scout first aid team

Most of the things I do are for me to develop my sports and leadership, preparing to become a leader next year. There are also some academic activities in both IT and business fields. I want to develop into a all-rounded person with solid IT knowledge, business sense, leadership skills to integrate them and contribute to the scout community, and also involvement in some sports and cultural activities.

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