Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: Falco Cup

Orienteering trip to the Baltic coast: Falco Cup

August 1st to 3rd: Falco Cup

The three-day Falco Cup competition was held in Smiltynė. Our Hong Kong team travels daily between Klaipėda and Smiltynė.

The first two days of the competition included PreO and TempO, and on the third day there was only PreO, which was a world ranking event. In PreO, I got 13/21 on the first day, 17/23 on the second day, and 18/28 on the third day world ranking event. The TempO competition had 3 stations each day, with 5 questions each. The total score of 30 questions on two days was 747 seconds.

After the second day of the competition, we went to the south for bike training and went to the beach. At that time, the sea temperature was as high as 23 degrees.

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Photo taken from Orienteering Association of Hong Kong
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The northern terminal of the 239 line bus operated by KönigAuto (КёнигАвто) is located at the old pier of Smiltynė, where the bus parks in the afternoon, which may be with Russian license plate.

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Although the routes 239 and 384 are both advertised to be between Kaliningrad and Klaipėda, the two terminals are different: The Kaliningrad terminal of route 239 operated by KönigAuto is located at the company’s private “international bus station”, some distance from the city centre, and the bus only reaches the old pier of Smiltynė at the northern end of the Curonian Spit for Klaipėda, passengers must take the ferry to cross the harbour to the city centre; route 384 operated by Klaipėda Bus Park starts from the bus station in Kaliningrad city centre near the South Railway Station, and the bus cross the harbour by vehicle ferry and arrives at the bus station near Klaipėda train station.

After the competition on August 3, we drove to Riga to prepare for the sprint race of the next day. On the way, the internal border between Lithuania and Latvia is crossed.

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