Trip to Europe summer 2019 – day 5 (Fin5 day 2)

Trip to Europe summer 2019 – day 5 (Fin5 day 2)

I started doing the competitions on the 2nd day of Fin5. It was a long distance competition, followed by a PreO (1st competition in TrailO). I took the organiser bus to the competition, but it didn’t work after the competition since the return time was between the competitions.

I did class H21AL (L meant shortened distance) in the middle and long competitions, and this day it was about 7.2 km. I was the last competitor returning in 2 hours, but the second last competitor took less than an hour to return!!!

I did class E in all TrailO competitions. There were 20 controls but 3 of them were voided. I got 12 out of 17 and ranked 39th out of 71 competitors.

As there was no public transport and the organiser bus did not work after TrailO, I had to ride in someone else’s car after the competition every time back to Nilsiä.

Due to the high latitude, the sky is never dark even at night, the following pictures are taken at the lake in Nilsiä near midnight.

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