My last year as a youth member

My last year as a youth member

My 20th birthday is near, and my life as a youth member has only one year left. After a year, everything will finish and I will probably transform into a leader. My hope of getting DA has already completely lost. At this stage, I just want to finish the 50K expedition in October, get the VA, and terminate my progress.

Although I no longer have any hope in my progressive badges, I will still do things to enhance my leadership skills and enrich my life. Most importantly, I will be a council member in the coming year. I will also join the orienteering team training from August to March. I also want to form a sailing club in my university if possible.

I want to do as much as I can in my last year. Apart from the things mentioned above, I will participate in ACM contests and hope that I can enter regional and final contests. Another important thing for me is to get a high GPA, which my target is 3.6.

I hope that I will gain lots of experience in the coming year.

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