A review of my past

A review of my past

It’s more than 1.5 years from the past post, and it’s time for some updates.

I finished my BBA(IS) degree July last year with 2nd class upper honour. I’m currently in the programme of my BEng(CompSc) degree, which is expected to finish by June this year, and will probably find a job afterwards.

In the past, I aimed for whole-person development, learnt and did vastly different things, both within and outside the scouting movement. However, some items I planned to do in the past haven’t been done yet.

I learnt orienteering in 2012 and mentioned “my performance is far from elites” at that time, but now, my performance in sprint orienteering and trail orienteering is near to elites. In fact, I already qualified for the elite class in Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships in 2014 and 2015. However, my performance in traditional orienteering in the forest is still far from elites.

I didn’t finish the coxswain mate badge in 2013, mainly because the then-curriculum required 50 hours on the boat and I didn’t finish that. However, the curriculum has been changed now, the coxswain mate badge, officially the “intermediate standard boat certificate”, has now become the “level 3 standard boat certificate”. I may try to attempt this again in the future if I have time, but probably not this year. And I haven’t participated in the scout regatta afterwards since Sherman had left the troop.

I didn’t join the scout first aid team because I was not “mentally prepared” for that.

I finally completed the venture award after three attempts for the expedition, just before I reached 21 years old, then became a scout leader in my troop, and joined the rover crew of 1668th Kowloon Group.

I joined the committee of bridge club in 2013. I also applied for a hall place but not successful. However, I finally decided not go for an exchange because it would disrupts my curriculum too much. I participated in ACM-ICPC every year, but I got medals not all the times. I tried to set up a sailing club, but I didn’t have the leadership to actually set up the club, so I passed the work to Kingston, who is very experienced in yacht racing, and he is now making a good progress. Although my interest in more on orienteering than sailing, however, I have no plan to set up an orienteering club in HKU even though a very strong orienteer with great leadership, Raphael Mak, is currently in HKU for his master’s degree, as evidences have shown that it is not likely to reach the number of 40 members required to set up a club.

I have entered the selection for the Hong Kong teams for ACOC (national orienteering championships) and WTOC (World Trail Orienteering Championships), therefore, I will focus on orienteering more this year and try to get through the selection in order to enter the team. I am also in the executive committee of SOC, frequently helping the club for events. Apart from orienteering, I want to improve my swimming because I want to learn life-saving and also to join triathlons later. I also hope that I can pass my driving exams before September and get the probationary licence. I also have to take some leader courses in order to convert my leader warrant from a provisional one to a full one.

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