HKOC Sprint Series (stage 1)

HKOC Sprint Series (stage 1)

HKOC Sprint Series this year started last Saturday. The first stage was held in Kowloon Park, which is my club’s “home stadium”.

This race is not a gazetted event, which means it is mainly a practice event in my own view. However, as I was too familiar with this field, although I did generally well, I still made some mistakes.

The first mistake I made was at point 2, where I ran too fast onto the field directly to the opposite site without looking carefully at the stairs in the presence of people practising kung-fu.

Then to point 11, I also ran too fast overestimating the distance between controls, and stopped when I saw something inappropriate.

The circle on the west of point 12 was blocked, so I had to avoid it when going 11-12 and 18-19.

In leg 21-22, I wrongly reduced my speed on an earlier junction when running down the slope, unnecessarily reducing the speed.

For leg 24-25, I might have taken a bad route choice by going upstairs after crossing the tunnel, unnecessarily reducing the speed where I could accelerate till the end of slope and keep the momentum under the canopy.

Although all the above are minor mistakes, in sprint “every second counts”, and a few minor mistakes already accumulate to difference between the first and the middle of the field.

Overall I got the 4th place in class M21 among 11 starting competitors, which is in my expected range. More information can be found in the links below:

My trace:

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