Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League (Aberdeen Reservoir)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League (Aberdeen Reservoir)

The second ranking event in October was held around Aberdeen Reservoir on 22nd October. This was a relatively long event with the expected winning time about 55 minutes.

When I got the map, WTF?!

5.5 km with 6 CONTROLS ONLY?!

This is just a cross-country run with route choices! IS THIS REALLY ORIENTEERING AT ALL???

I couldn’t finish this “cross-country run” within the time limit of 2 hours because I took a bad route choice. I attempted to go 1-A-B-3-C-D-2, while others took 1-A-E-F-2 or even 1-A-E-direct-2. However, there is a bit of 100% green near 2 from E so I didn’t took that, but other competitors reported that they successfully crossed that bit of green to the control.

I ended up with only 2 valid scores in this year in middle/long ranking.

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