Trip to Europe summer 2019 – day 7 (Fin5 day 3)

Trip to Europe summer 2019 – day 7 (Fin5 day 3)

The competitions moved to Tahko starting from this day. The competitions were sprint then TempO in Tahko village.

I did class H21E in sprint as I am an elite competitor in sprint back in Hong Kong. However, in the competition I was burnt out after about 9 controls and started to get confused, nearly missed a control point as well. I returned at 31’25”, again the last competitor in my class, while the second last was only 23’53”, much like what happened in May when I was doing the Swedish League back in Stockholm. This was too ugly and I don’t think I will ever do the elite class again in a Nordic country.

However, in the TempO competition, I even did better than in the WRE last day in Halssi. There were 5 stations with 5 controls each. My final result was 277 seconds over 25 controls, 18th place out of 61. This was probably the best TempO competition I’ve done in Europe with a strong field of competitors.

Finally, when I left Tahko, I saw someone swimming in the lake! This reminded me that I could also have a short swim the following day as well if time allowed, between my swimming competitions in the weekends.

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